reha up


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ABOUT OUR ORIGINAL swim up® - PRODUCT: reha up

"reha up" is the extension of "fun up" for therapeutic use. The cushion supports the physiotherapist in his work in and outside of the water. The cushion is light, flexible and comfortable. The EPS beads used adapt to every body movement and can be replaced even after years. This offers the therapist a wealth of opportunities to work with his patients.

The "reha up" cushion can be used dry as well as in water. It is designed with a slight instability that is helpful in several sections:

It increases muscle activity and the stability of the core of the body, strengthens and improves the neural control of the spine and thereby helps to reduce chronic pain in the lower back.
It helps to improve balance with strength and muscle growth and thus prevents falls.
Due to the aforementioned built-in instability, it helps prevent and heal injuries to the upper and lower limbs and core of the body.

In the water, the "reha up" cushion offers comfort, safety and stability and enables patients with limited mobility - due to a disability or pathology - to carry out physiotherapy exercises.

"reha up" has two secure and adjustable straps. This makes it possible for non-swimmers to do exercises in the water without fear. The cushion dries quickly and does not get hot in the sun. All materials are durable, rot-proof and PVC-free. "reha up" is made of high quality water, dirt and oil repellent materials and is easy to clean with water after use.


Dirt repellent

Made of light and air permeable polyester fabric

Above all PVC free

Dimensionally stable and extremely tear-resistant


User notice

Use of swim up® products by children only under adult supervision.


Maritime fabric is spinneret dyed (the thread is dyed through and through)
High-tech fiber (100% polyester)
No plasticizers or solvents are used in production, making it an environmentally friendly material
Highest sun protection factor, UPF 50+
Lightfastness / ISO 105-B02 grade 7-8
Waterfastness / ISO 105 – B05 Note 7-8
Oeko – Tex Standard 100 / Class IV
The result is a very dense material, thinner (than normal) but stronger, and therefore very adaptable
New UV blocker from the automotive industry, which makes the material more durable and stable / robust
Minimal water absorption
To prevent suntan oil from burning into the fabric, clean with warm water
Thanks to the maritime SFC finish, the textiles are dirt, grease and oil repellent.They are fungicide (fungi killing), hardly absorb water, dry faster and stay beautiful longer.
Rot-proof, weatherproof
PVC free
Dimensionally stable and extremely tear-resistant
Guarantee 5 years on the upper material
Sewing thread with water-repellent finish
Use: in fresh, salt, chlorinated water