swim up®


€ 999.00

€ 899.10*


Relaxed from the pool to the lounger and back and all with one pad. Passé are air mattresses that first have to be inflated, constantly lose air and are unusable after one season. A unique, patented new development, which is exclusively manufactured and sold, makes it possible to combine many possible uses in one:

As a support for a sun lounger
As an air mattress in the pool
As an armchair in the pool
As a lounger cushion or seat on the beach, in the garden or by the pool

The variety of this cushion is impressive. It's not only beautiful, but also extremely comfortable. It can stay outside even when it rains and is the perfect air mattress replacement for water lovers and sun worshipers. And if you want it a little more stable or softer, you can choose your comfort zone through a refill opening, which is provided with zippers and Velcro.

This is made possible by rot-proof EPS balls that are filled separately into each chamber and adapt to the body - whether in water or on land. The water runs through the material like a filter and no water remains between the fabric and the balls. As a result, there is no accumulation of dirt and water residues and decay cannot take place.


Dirt repellent

Made of light and air permeable polyester fabric

Above all PVC free

Dimensionally stable and extremely tear-resistant



Sitting position

Mount small carabiners in the small eyelets.

Upper - Carabine fixed.

Lower - Carabiner adjustable with drawstring.


"D" ring to hold the carabiners that are not required.

Lying position

Lying surface with adjustable head section.

Mount large carabiners in large eyelets.

Adjustable drawstrings.

User notice

Use of swim up® products by children only under adult supervision.


Maritime fabric is spinneret dyed (the thread is dyed through and through)
High-tech fiber (100% polyester)
No plasticizers or solvents are used in production, making it an environmentally friendly material
Highest sun protection factor, UPF 50+
Lightfastness / ISO 105-B02 grade 7-8
Waterfastness / ISO 105 – B05 Note 7-8
Oeko – Tex Standard 100 / Class IV
The result is a very dense material, thinner (than normal) but stronger, and therefore very adaptable
New UV blocker from the automotive industry, which makes the material more durable and stable / robust
Minimal water absorption
To prevent suntan oil from burning into the fabric, clean with warm water
Thanks to the maritime SFC finish, the textiles are dirt, grease and oil repellent.They are fungicide (fungi killing), hardly absorb water, dry faster and stay beautiful longer.
Rot-proof, weatherproof
PVC free
Dimensionally stable and extremely tear-resistant
Guarantee 5 years on the upper material
Sewing thread with water-repellent finish
Use: in fresh, salt, chlorinated water